Paramount Vernon Electric Fireplace Stove

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The Vernon Electric fireplace has two heat settings to provide a soft heat, or a toasty heat. If you want the ambiance of a real wood stove, without the extra heat, you can operate just the flame effects without the heater on. When you do turn the heat on, heat your home safe with the knowledge that this unit is equipped with safety shut off technology.

Colour: Black
BTU/Watts: 4606 BTU / 1350 Watts

  • 16"W x 10"D x 22"H
  • 25.4cm x 40.6cm x 55.9cm

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Manuel du Produit (Fran?ais)

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12/22/2020 1:07 PM

Perfect Home Addition

Bought this fireplace to warm living/dining area of our home. It does a great job! Quiet unit and suits our decor. Perfect addition to our home.

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